Happy Spring Everyone!

Curtis continues to be busy creating new artwork for his cards and he continues to love bold colors!  We hope to have Curtis attend a few Art Shows or Farmer’s Markets this year to celebrate his work.  We will update you on the time and locations of these shows as they are confirmed.





Curtis has been enjoying working on a new card for the Holiday Season!

Water Park invite

Thank you for stopping by Curtis’ website!

Join us for Curtis’ First Solo Exhibition at the David Lussier Gallery on Sunday, March 6, 2016!  Several of Curtis’ original drawings will be on display for viewing and purchase.  The collection is from several years of work at the studio and expresses the places where Curtis has been of late.  The above ‘Water Park’ is from a trip to Florida to see Curtis’ grandma.  Curtis spent the day enjoying and investigating all of the pipes and construction of the water slide.

The photo of Curtis was taken by Linda Anderson who masterfully captured his reflection in this wonderful glimpse into his joy!

The title of Curt’s exhibition “6 and Roadway” comes from his delight of traveling down Flanders Road in Coventry to the place in the road where Route 6 passes over the road.   Curtis has limited conversation language, but is very adamant when he wants to take this route.  He will tell us boldly “6 and Roadway” when we are in that area town.  He looks in several different directions as we slowly drive by in order to capture different angles of light which inspire him to come home and create road signs, speed limit signs, bridges and roadways.  These creations are three dimensional sculptures made from tape, construction paper and markers!  He adds his match box cars and trucks in just the right order to complete the piece.

If you are unable to join us at the exhibition on March 6th, please visit Curtis’ card page to purchase a box of his cards.

Thank you!

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